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12th Whooves by Green-Viper
12th Whooves
"Clara do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?" Easily my favourite Capaldi quote. 
So what do you guys thin of the 12th Doctor? Since his sebut season has ended and the christmas special is just round the corner...
He's alright, I guess, but I think that Matt Smith abd David Tennant are the best Doctors so far.
I also like the relationship between the Doctor and Clara, it's just so cute :love: whouffle shipper all the way! :wave:
And I had to do the eye brows... I could not resist not making them.
"Those are attack eyebrows! You can take bottle tops off with these!"
So anyhow, sorry that it took me a while to upload him, I'm busy with a show in school and that had given me a limited time to do anything, but anyway, here he is! Hope you like him! And I have offically finnished doing all the Doctors ponified, yay!
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So you probably want to know a bit more about me don't ya? Well, what can I say? So far my obsession is My little pony friendship is magic, I'm also in love with a show called Sherlock and Doctor who, I'm also in love with Phineas and Feb and my all time favourite band is one direction. I DO ACCEPT REQUESTS if anybody's interested, any questions? Do not be afraid and ask! I'M FROM POLAND BUT I'M MOVED TO ENGLAND :iconpolandflagplz:

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Current Residence: UK
Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite style of art: Fan Art
Favourite cartoon character: Applejack

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